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Monday, August 27, 2012

Some way or the other

Someway or the other,
We'll find a way my dear.
Maybe not as a lover,
But hopefully we shall be near.

Someway or the other,
Life shall be brighter.
Maybe not together,
But hopefully we shall be near.

It is just so to be,
We never let life heal.
Always grappling with pain,
We lose all that we had gained.

If only we could see,
How you belonged to me.
It would only give us strength
For our hearts to mend.

Some way or the other,
In winter or in summer.
We shall smile my dear,
Maybe not together, but we shall still be near.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Appetizing recipe of fun

Dish: Nokia AppTasting
Nokia AppTasting @ Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Key Ingredient:

1 Tech guru
1 Master Chef
1 Awesome Nokia Phone
200 incredible bloggers
Awesome food.


The dish is a heady mix of fun and flavor so to get started, add a dash of entertainment by the Indiblogger team. Take the whole audience through a video presentation asking them to bond with each other and top it up with a high roast of ‘Huuur Hurrr Huuurrrr…….

Once done, take the two key ingredients, the Tech Guru Rajiv Makhni and the Master Chef Vikas Khanna and add some humor to the dish. Stir it up with an on the spot dance move from the Director of Communication at Nokia India, Poonam Kaul and your dish is just about beginning to take shape.

While the main dish is being prepared, serve some awesome starters to the guest and some fine coolers followed by beer and wine to the audience and you can smell the aroma filling up the food.

Back on the main dish, introduce few key bloggers and then quickly move on to showing the awesome features and apps that are available on the Nokia Lumia Windows phone. Create a Charlie Chaplin style fashion walk video, use a photo morphing app to give your friends a new look or even discover new places around you even without moving out of the room, and you are now just about done.

Cut some onions the way the master chef Vikas Khanna explained and throw in some fun. While all of this is happening, put a unique quiz with food and technology as the topics in the oven and give away great gifts to the audience and participants. Oh don’t forget to ask the participants to dance while giving answer to get some extra flavor.

Well, this would just about get your dish ready. Have a hearty dinner prepared for the 200 bloggers and an interaction session and your dish is ready.

Throw in extra garnishing of Raj and Simran’s  love story, sing the birthday song for indibloggers as it turns 5 and cut a huge cake. Serve as and when you like.


4 hours of awesome fun with bloggers, chef, techie and some great people from Nokia India.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apptasting and mouth watering

While it may not take much to convince a gadget freak to come down for an evening of fun, thrown in some awesome food and you have a double bonanza.

Nokia has invited us bloggers for exactly that at an event aptly named AppTasting.

The event is about to kick start at The Taj Landsend Mumbai. Looking forward to a great evening with Rajiv Makhni & ace chef Vikas Khanna.

Will update with more details, post the event.
Nokia AppTasting at Taj Lands End

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I live I die
I smile I cry
I love I hate
At times I do commit mistakes

I speak I shut up
I stay calm I get perturbed
I see I close my eyes
At times I question the whys

I dance I stay serene
I resist I give in
I write I erase
I try and clear the haze

I fight I make peace
I stand tall I go down on my knees
I am me I am I
And I am just about alive.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

An ode to Facebook

Before you sleep, before you rise,

Before you do anything, you click like.

When you want to vent, when you want to do an event,

When you want to show your intent, all you do is comment.

When you want to show that you care, or show off your new glare,

When you wish for a teddy bear, you reach out and you share.

It has you hooked, and this is the longest you have stuck to one book,

So why don't you tell us, what do you like about Facebook?